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The collection is totally dedicated to Renato Guttuso and consists in about 120 works among the most significant of the sicilian painter, who surely has been one of the main protagonist of the italian artistic scene in the XX century.

For artistic note, number, wideness of the period to which these works belong, from 1931 to 1986, the collection represents the most important of Guttuso and is, without doubt, a special vantage point for a critical re-reading of the whole production of the artist.

Many are the very masterpieces, from one of the first, intense trial of a young Guttuso, the San Sebastiano of 1931, to the intense simbology of the Natura morta con drappo rosso of 1942, from the dramatic, psychological and social study of the Fumatore of 1958, till the calm and allegorical memorandum of Spes contra Spem of 1982.

To about eighty paintings, many of which are very big (300 x 350 cm for Spes contra Spem), there's to add a likewise significant selection of drawings, which maybe document the innermost and most direct aspect of the creative spirit of the artist.